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Air Quality Monitors

ozone monitors And Controllers

Ozone is a tri atomic state of oxygen which is the most powerful bactericide, deodorizing and decolorizing agent present now-a-days. Besides its all these features ozone is harmful at higher concentrations. Therefore ozone monitoring and controlling is very much necessary.

Ambient ozone monitor:
1. Hand held monitor.
2. Duct mounted monitor.
3. Wall mountable monitor.

Available ranges : 0-150ppb, 0-500ppb, 0-20000ppb.
Sensor type : GSS type.
Least count : 1 ppb.
Relay set point : Adjustable.

Features of ozone ambient monitor in small :
  • NDIR technology.
  • High accuracy
  • LCD display.
  • High concentration alarms and cut-offs.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
Dissolved ozone monitor

Dissolved ozone monitor continuously checks the level of ozone in the water. Dissolved Ozone Monitor is able to directly measure online concentration of Ozone in mg/lit or PPM, dissolved in water. It has a set point on the monitor, which can operate a Relay and thus a potential free Output. Incase actual value of dissolved Ozone is lower than the Set Point Output can from the Controller provide a warning signal or any other control in the Plant if required.

CO2 Monitor & Controller

The mist and oz CO2 transmitter series designed to be installed in HVAC return air ducts or in the area of cold storages where co2 levels are as high as 20,000ppm. The CO2 sensing element uses the Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology (NDIR) with the patented self-calibration system to guarantee the long term stability and up to 15 years life time. As we all know that co2 is an inert gas and we cannot dilute it easily therefore to prevent co2 levels in an area we need to induce fresh air in the system which can be done by operating dampers and blowers present in that area.

Monitor options :
1. Hand held monitor
2. Wall mountable
3. Duct mountable

Humidity Indicators And Controllers

The mist and oz humidity monitor and controller series designed to be installed in HVAC return air ducts or in the area of cold storages where humidity levels are as high as 100%. The humidity sensing element uses the capacitive sensor to guarantee the long term stability and up to 5 years life time.

Features of Humidity Indicators And Controllers in small :

Capacitive Sensor for Humidity giving linear and accurate output.
Microprocessor based precision controller with digital user settable calibration.
Set Limit for Humidifier user settable.
4 Digit 0.56” Bright 7 Segment LEDs
Configuration lockable by rear jumper
Excitation voltage for humidity sensor
Touch type membrane key

Applications of Humidity Indicators And Controllers :  
  • Control Environment chambers
  • Blowroom & Mixing Area of Textiles
  • Yarn Conditioning & Packing,
  • Sections
  • Q.C. Laboratories & Research
  • Chambers
  • Weaving & Knitting Units
  • Cold Rooms
  • Mushroom & Orchid Cultivation
  • Curing Sections al Cement
  • Battery Industries
  • Greenhouses & Nurseries
  • Chicken Breeding & Horticulture
  • Tea & Tobacco Industries
  • Paper & Pulp Mills



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