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Airpurifiers & Ozonators


Air Sterilizer is very powerful to remove odors, chemicals, fungal growth in indoor spaces. Very helpful in Hotels, hospitals and homes

Why mist and oz purifier ?

  • To Remove Smoke & Odors Instantly.
  • Sterilize Bacteria, Virus & Molds.
  • Long Power Supply Cord for easy operation.
  • High Speed Blower to cover long distance
  • High Ozone output - Corona Discharge Cells

Where to use mist and oz ?
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Hospital Rooms
  • Boats
  • Fire Restoration
  • Car Odor Removal
  • Mold Control & Removal
  • Garage Odor Control and More
Corona Discharge Ozone Generators and Portable Ozonators
A-Series :  

A-Series A-Series Ozone Generators are economical ozone generators available from mist and oz. It built on steel enclosure with in-built oil free air compressor. 1gm & 2gms models are available for 110/220V AC. Features : High Frequency CD Technology Hign Pressure Reaction Chamber Short circuit Protection

Features of a-series :

High Frequency CD Technology.
Compact Size.
Built in Air Compressor.
Hign Pressure Reaction Chamber.
Short circuit Protection.
Air Cooled Ozone Cells.
1 Years Warranty

A-1 Series :

The A-1 Series is a compact low cost wall mountable ozone generator integrated with feed gas system. This series ozone generators does not require any additional connections, It will deliver ozone at the bottom by just giving power to it. A-1 Series generators range from 1gm to 4 gm/hr built into rugged GRP weather proof enclosure for long life.

Features of a-1 series :

High Frequency CD Technology 
Compact Size
Built in Air Compressor
High Pressure Reaction Chamber
Short circuit Protection
Door Safety Interlock
Air Cooled Ozone Cells
Ozone Flow Regulator
1 Years Warranty

Medium Capacity Ozone generators or Corona Discharge  

The State of the Art B-Series High frequency CD Technology ozone generators are designed for high performance in low cost. This series works from external oxygen or dry air as feed gas to produce ozone gas. This series has wide range of ozone generation from 10 gm/hr to 250 gm/hr. Upto 30 gm/hr the enclosure is made in GRP and from 50gm onwards built on steel cabinet. Upto 30 gm/hr all generators are air cooled ozone cells and above 30 gm/hr are water cooled.

Features :  

Corona Discharge Technology.
Air Cooled Ozone Cell.
High Frequency Power Supply.
Tubular Stainless Steel Ozone Electrode.
GRP Weather Proof Enclosure.
Guaranteed stable output.
Test Certificate
1 Year Warranty

Applications of ozone generators :  

Most of us spend much of our time indoors which creates its own form of indoor air pollution mainly due to absence of enough fresh air from outside. The air that we breathe indoor can put us at risk for health problems. Some pollutants can be bacteria, chemicals, smoke, gases, Volatile Organic Compounds. Several sources of air pollution are present indoor. Some pollutants cause health problems such as sore eyes, burning in the nose and throat, headaches, or fatigue. Other pollutants cause or worsen allergies, respiratory illnesses (such as asthma), heart disease, cancer and other serious long-term conditions. Sometimes individual pollutants at high concentrations, such as carbon monoxide create uneasiness.


Food Processing areas include Dairy, factory or a Bakery. The environment where the product is processed and packed affects the quality of the product. Therefore it must be taken care of microorganisms and cross contamination. Micro-organisms grow at a very fast rate if they get favorable conditions and hence the freshness and shelf life of the product get reduced. How ozone can help in maintaining the product quality and increase the shelf life and how to use ozone By Air ozonation As we know ozone is a tri-atomic state of oxygen it helps in disinfecting the process area by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms. Thus making the area completely sterile and free from contamination. By process water ozonation By proper procedure of mixing, ozone can be mixed into water. And therefore the contamination due to usage of infected water drastically reduces. Secondly, ozonated water can be used for washing of tools and apparatus used in manufacturing of the product.


A small concentration of ozone present in water clearly indicates that it is completely free from any kind of contamination. Therefore the disinfection of Drinking water is very importance and thus Disinfection of packaged Natural & Mineral Water by the process of Ozonation, after normal water treatment by filtration and RO technique is a proven technology today. A packaged water Plant is considered incomplete without incorporation of Ozonation System. Ozone drastically reduces the level of Bacterial contamination including Virus and Pathogens or TPC (Total Plate Count) and thus the shelf life of packaged water gets increased.


Pharmaceutical Unit where critical disposables, medical items and components are manufactured, packed, stored and even the places where the raw materials for these items are stored are very sensitive areas and should be free from any kind of microbial contamination. The air at these critical locations in a Pharmaceutical unit, hospital, nursing home or any other medical area, should be free from any Microbiological contaminations, Virus and Pathogenic Microorganisms. In case the air is infected microbial load on to the finished disposables will be high and this may adversely affect the quality of products and ultimately the patients on whom the products will be utilized


Ozone can be used for private and municipal, city or commercial swimming pools. There is incredible health benefits associated with ozone systems, but one of the chief benefits of ozonated pool water is comfort. The idea of red eye, rashes, swims suits fading and other chlorine-related problems (even if you are using chlorine!) are a thing of the past. So even if you are using chlorine or chloramines, chlorine regeneration (salt systems), you can swim in an Ozonated pool without the health and comfort problems typical of a chlorinated pool.
Chlorine Problems Reduced or Eliminated :
The objective of any swimming pool operator is (or should be) to provide as healthful environment to their patrons and employees as possible. Since most swimming pool regulations in North America require chlorine residual and if you are in compliance with this regulation, why should you even consider adding Ozone to your swimming pool? There are a number of health-related and system-related answers to this question including:
    Prevent or reduce chloramines (bound chlorine)
    Prevent or reduce chlorine off-gassing
    Inhibit the formation of chloro-organic byproducts (toxic)
    Lessen or eliminate caustic gases that eat pool infrastructure
    Reduce or greatly eliminate the chlorine smells in the pool


Places where ozone can be utilized for meat processing plant
1. Washing of meat carcasses with Ozonated water
2. Washing of processing tables, equipment, meat pieces and the floor by Ozonated water
3. Environmental sterilization of the process and storage area
4. Ozonated disinfection of cold room
Ozone for washing application :
How Microbial Counts Are Controlled By Ozonated Water?
Ozone is a most efficient Natural Broad-Spectrum Microbiological control substance and very reactive Disinfecting agent. In case the carcasses and meat is washed with strong Ozonated water, not only the microbial load on to the surface get reduced, the Ozonated water destroys any Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Pathogens on the surface of meat washed with this water, in a very short duration.

The complex organic substance (which are long chain organic components) gets oxidized to short chain components and finally into harmless elements. To conclude, the Ozonated water or the strong disinfected water used for washing of sea food products will make them fresh, longer shelf life and organically harmless. Today use of Ozonated water is considered by most to be the best available and advanced technology for washing meat products, CIP and many other applications and a much better alternative than using chemicals.
What Should Be Ozone Concentration In The Treatment Water?
The Ozonated washing water should have sufficient disinfection power to disinfect the meat items being washed with it. In such an applications Ozone concentration in the wash water should be comparatively higher in the range of 0.6 to 1.0 ppm. Actual concentration required to be maintained depends upon the product and criticality of the application.


Allows Water Reuse:
In many process water applications water is used one time and then discarded. Often this water carries contaminants that preclude reuse. Ozonation combined with filtration will allow reuse of water from many applications. Controls Microbiological Growth:
Ozone controls microbiological growth through an extremely fast kill method called "cell lysing". Chlorine kills by penetrating the cell wall. This can take many minutes to accomplish. Ozone kills almost instantaneously by rupturing the cell wall, which allows the cell's cytoplasm to disperse making reactivation impossible. Ozone eliminates the "bioslime" prevalent in many piping systems and holding tanks.
Reduces Corrosion:
Controls Scaling:
Extends Equipment Life:
Environmentally Sound


Processing or packing area of food Industries, Operation Theater, ICU, Pharmaceutical units, where controlled micro load is a necessary to maintain Bacteria free environment , in view of the above if Hands of the personals are not properly sterilized they can be the source of infection and thus it is required that, hands should be properly cleaned and sterilized prior to entering into a sensitive work area. Normally different methods of hand sterilization are in practice; these include washing hands with disinfected soaps, alcohol, solutions etc. Inspite of these chemical methods disinfected hands are never sterilized to the extent required to remove all microbial contamination from hands.
The sterilizer has an approach sensor and as soon as hands are brought closer to the sterilizer window concentrated control quantity of Ozone is blown out from the hand sterilizer till the hands are kept closer to the sterilizer. Ozone continuously and aggressively sterilizers hands in the vicinity of the system. Normally about 10 seconds are adequate for total sterilization for removal of microbiological contaminations on the hands. As soon as the hands are removed from the sterilizer it comes to a halt.
This is almost a maintenance free device, which can work trouble free for years without any maintenance required. In addition to the above discussion hand sterilizer doesn’t require any recurring cost (except electricity) as in case of other methods of sterilization.

Deluxe, ABS Body  

Model : 


Deluxe, ABS Body

Dimensions : 


D 190 x W 337 x H 438

Duel Mode :


Hanging / Table Top

Tank Volume :


7 L

Multi Stage :


PP, GAC, Post Carbon, mem , Ro pump-wave  -75 gpd ,

50  lph Open  , Stainless Steel Body  

Model : 


50  lph Open  , Stainless Steel Body

Dimensions : 


D 305 x W 450 x H 850

Duel Mode :


Wall Hanging

StorageTank Volume :


Optional,  Mode : Hanging / Standing, ( available in 300 gpd x 2  or  100 gpd  x  4-mem.)

Multi Stage :


PP, GAC, Post Carbon, mem , Ro pump-wave  -75 gpd ,




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